Click Here and enter your Member Number, as well as your legal First Name and Last Name (some members may also need to enter a middle initial, without a period, or a maiden name). For detailed instructions click here. Questions? Email us or call (206) 324-3200 for assistance.

If you have already updated your photograph, new cards will be available for pickup at the Front Desk. Call (206) 324-3200 to find out if your new card has been printed. New membership cards will have a small photo of each member printed directly on the back of the card. In order to facilitate the distribution of the new cards, the Club needs a current, passport-style picture of each member, including Active, Social, Honorary, JSP and junior members over age 9. New cards with photos are ready for distribution, however cards cannot be issued without a current photograph.Visit the Membership desk weekdays, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to have your picture taken for the new card system.* Members may also email, mail, or drop off a passport-type headshot at the Front Desk. We will also accept clear, forward facing, cell phone headshots. We’re happy to return any physical photos upon request. Send your picture to our Membership Manager. Members may also log into the Club Roster on this website and upload a digital passport-style photograph online.

For tennis court reservations, camps, classes and pro lessons, please visit GameTime or call the Pro Shop at (206) 324-5454.

Please be observant of the 5 mph lot speed limit and keep your eyes open for small children in the parking lot. The STC parking lot is for Members Only. Visitors may park on the streets adjacent to the Club. Please respect our neighbors and kindly avoid parking in front of driveways. All members and guests must check in with the lot attendant at the guardhouse prior to entering the clubhouse or tennis facility.

For your child's safety, please follow these guidelines for picking up or dropping off children in the STC parking lot. Click Here for procedures.

The Club strictly adheres to an all-white tennis dress code. All players must wear clean white clothes in good repair, and full, rubber soled shoes made for tennis. Each article of clothing, including hats, must be at least 2/3 white. The STC Member standard for shoes is that they must present as white. All players must wear shirts and male shirts must have sleeves. T-shirts identified as for tennis are acceptable, so long as they otherwise meet STC color restrictions. Colored outerwear/warm-up[s] suits, sweaters and vests are acceptable, so long as they are loose enough to allow for appropriate tennis attire underneath. An easy way to remember the rule is “if it’s skin-tight, it must be white.” The outdoor courts have surfaces which suffer permanent markings when running shoes are worn; therefore, running shoes may not be worn on any of the tennis courts. To prevent slippage and clay dust on hard courts, please use shoes designated for clay court use separate from regular court shoes, or clean the clay dust from your shoes as you leave the clay courts. Appropriate court shoes and apparel may be purchased at the Pro Shop. For questions about the dress code, please contact the Pro Shop at (206) 324-5454.

Absolutely No Lake Swimming Without a Lifeguard on Duty
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