No Guest Policy

Due to Coronavirus, the Seattle Tennis Club Board of Trustees decided to have a No Guest Policy. This applies to all members except for Resident and Non-Resident members of the following types: Single Active, Single Social, JSP, and single Honorary. Those members can bring one guest per day. Nannies are also allowed when they accompany children (under the age of 12) of Active members. For everyone else, the Club will be members only to promote access to services and protect the health and safety of all members and staff. Please also see the full Guest Rules and Nanny Guidelines below.

Full Guest Rules

Resident Single Active members may only bring one guest per day for use of either dining or athletic facilities. For use of athletic facilities: The same guest may only visit twice per month. Guests that visit for use of athletic facilities (Beach, Tennis, etc. anything other than dining) must be issued a guest pass at the Guard House, Front Desk, or Pro Shop. The members receive two complimentary guest passes per month and any subsequent passes that month are $20 each/per guest. Resident Single Active members may bring one guest per day for dining as often as they like without payment of a guest fee or use of a complimentary guest pass.

Resident Single Social members may bring one guest per day for use of dining facilities only without payment of a guest fee or need of a guest pass.


Nanny Guidelines

Nanny passes are available to Active members with children under the age of 12 and are issued on an annual basis. An adult Active member may contact or stop by the Front Desk to request a nanny pass and complete the nanny pass form. A nanny pass will be issued to the registered nanny and they will be required to present this pass at the Guard House each time they enter with the child(ren). A registered nanny must remain in the presence of the child(ren) they are responsible for at all times. Active members may register more than one nanny with the Front Desk, however, only one registered nanny is permitted to be on Club premises to supervise the child(ren) at a time. No registered nanny may be under the age of 16 and no member child(ren) over the age of 11 are permitted to have a registered nanny (unless special circumstances require, and pre-approval has been given by the Club’s General Manager). 

A registered nanny may order from the Snack Bar, Canoe Room, or Grill and charge to the member account, if authorized by the parent member. Pre-paid cash cards may also be purchased for use by the registered nanny if preferred. No alcoholic beverages are to be purchased by the registered nanny. 

A registered nanny may use the Beach with the child(ren) they are registered to supervise; however, the registered nanny may not use the Beach facilities for their own recreation. A registered nanny may sit on the Pool deck (when the Pool is open) while the child(ren) they are registered to supervise attendance at swim lessons, swim meets, or practice. The registered nanny may swim in the Pool, but only when the child(ren) they are supervising are also in the Pool. If the registered nanny needs to hit tennis balls with the child(ren) they are supervising for practice, the registered nanny must be signed in as a guest. Normal guest rules and fees apply, with the exception that the sponsoring member (the parent member) doesn’t need to remain onsite and in the company of the guest/registered nanny.



Seattle Tennis Club, 922 McGilvra Blvd. East, Seattle WA 98112

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Tennis Dress Code

Seattle Tennis Club strictly adheres to a tennis dress code for all members and guests. All players must wear clean, white clothes in good repair, and full rubber soled shoes made for tennis. Each article of clothing, including hats, must be at least 2/3 white. All players must wear shirts. Men’s shirts must have sleeves. T-shirts identified for tennis are acceptable as long as they otherwise meet STC color restrictions. Colored outerwear, warm-up suits, sweaters, and vests are acceptable, as long as they are loose enough to allow for appropriate tennis attire underneath. The courts have surfaces which suffer permanent markings when running shoes are worn; therefore, running shoes may not be worn on any of the tennis courts. However, tennis shoes may be of any color. Appropriate court shoes may be purchased at the Pro Shop. Any Member who is found to be in violation of the Dress Code may be suspended.